Know About The Most Viable Ways For Cooks and Chefs to Get Australian Permanent Residency

Australia is a country that is considered to be one of the best places to live and work. A large number of students and workers come to Australia every year to study and work. Australia offers numerous career and study opportunities for people who live and work in Australia. Therefore, a lot of people wish to become a permanent resident of Australia.

There is a huge number of people who always look for ways to live and work in Australia. Many international students opt for those study courses that can provide with a pathway to permanent residency. Many skilled people from all over the world also search for the most viable skill and way to work and live in Australia.

Are you a chef or a cook? Do you have any working experience in the kitchen? Or do you want to study culinary courses in Australia? If yes, here are the most reasonable ways for you to get an Australian Permanent residency. Further, if we talk about cookery in Australia, here are a lot of options that may fit from case to case depending upon the qualification and experience.


Apply for a Skilled Visa

In Australia, both metropolitan and regional areas, cooks and chefs are very high in demand. If you are “outside Australia” and have both experience and qualification as a chef or a cook, then there is a very bright chance for you! Australia may invite you to meet the shortage of chefs or cooks.

There are many options for you depending upon your qualification and skills. You can apply for a General Skilled Migration visa if you are eligible. You can also apply for an Employer Sponsored visa.

Since April 2018, the Australian government has been requiring cooks to nominate after the skill assessment to meet the skill shortage. If you are a cook, you can also apply for a Temporary Skill shortage visa.

While you are outside Australia and applying for skilled migration, the first step is to get an assessment from the “Offshore Skills Assessment Program (OSAP) of Trade Recognition Australia (TRA).


Be a Chef, not a Cook

While applying for the visa or choosing course and occupation to study in Australia, you must be fully aware of the occupations which are high in demand. Moreover, you should know about occupations listed on the short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL), and the medium to long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL). Also, know about the flagged occupations that can be removed from the Skilled Occupation List.

Do you know that the cooks are on the short-term skilled occupation list (STSOL)? It means that if you are a cook, you cannot apply for a Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa. On the other hand, the occupation of “chef” is listed on medium to long-term strategic skills list (MLTSSL). If you are studying to become a chef in Australia, you will have many available ways to live and work in Australia permanently.


What to Study to Become a Chef?

It is recommendable to study Certificate III, Certificate IV along with the diploma course in commercial cookery to become a chef in Australia. Taking up these three courses allows you to complete two years of education or 92 CRICOS weeks. As a result, you will have a lot of options available for you to take after completing these three courses. You can apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa, Job Ready program or an Australian skilled visa.

To sum up, permanent residency in Australia is easy to get if you are a chef rather than being a cook. As it will provide more ways to apply for permanent residency visas.


Gain Practical Work Experience while Studying

In Australia, students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week. It is highly recommendable for international students to work while they study. Practical work experience in the relevant field enables you to get more points when you apply for the Australian skilled visa. Moreover, you can also apply for the Job Ready program after completing 360 hours of practical work or vocational placement in Australia.


Apply for a Temporary Graduate visa or Job Ready Program

After studying for two years and completing Certificate III, Certificate IV and a diploma in commercial cookery, you are eligible to apply for Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate visa. This visa will give you full working rights to work as a chef. While on the TR visa, you can also apply for the Job Ready Program of Trade Recognition Australia. This program helps you in getting permanent residency in Australia at the lowest points. After the full skill assessment of Job Ready program, you can apply for permanent residency visas in Australia. You can read more about a job ready program from this article:


Other Options

There are a few other ways that a chef can choose to live in Australia.


Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA)

Culinary students can also apply for the Northern Territory Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). This agreement allows state sponsorships with a possible concession in the English language (if required) and income thresholds for the employer-sponsored visa. After two years of relevant experience, you can consider this option.


Other skilled Visa

After completing your culinary studies, you have many options available to apply for skilled migration Australia. You need to score at least 65 points to be eligible for skilled migration.

If you have completed Certificate III, Certificate IV and diploma, which is an ideal case, you have qualified for the Australian study requirements. This will award you additional points for General Skilled Migration. If you have studied these courses in regional areas, you will be awarded an additional 5 points. If you have also qualified a full skill assessment of Job ready program, you will be given 5 more points!


Get Professional Assistance

It is very important to have the right guidance and information about every step you take. Whether it is about choosing the study courses or occupation.

If you want any assistance regarding course selection, job-ready program or to apply for an Australian visa, we are here to assist you! To sum up, we will assist you with the best visa option that can lead you to permanent residency in Australia. We have the best Immigration consultants in Parramatta and you can reach out to us at The Migration. Our team of migration consultants will provide you with the right assistance in this process of getting a permanent residency.



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