7 Most Common Reasons For The Rejection of Australian Student Visa

7 Most Common Reasons For The Rejection of Australian Student Visa

Australia has become one of the favourite destinations for international students to get an education. Every year, thousands of students come to Australia to live and study their respective enrolled courses. Studying in Australia is the dream of many international students. But all of them do not get successful in acquiring the student visa to fulfil their dreams as some of them face rejection of Australian Student Visa. Before applying for the student visa, every student should be aware of all the possible reasons because of which their student visa application can be refused.


Check out the reasons for Rejection of Australian Student Visa:


Inadequate or Misleading Information

visa rejection3 Failure to meet Gte

It is very important to provide correct and up to date information required for your visa. During the interview with the case officer, questions will be asked about your provided information and statements. Visa application will be refused certainly if you provide misleading or inadequate information about you. If the Department of Home Affairs finds out that the information provided is not correct, they may also charge you for visa fraud.


Students must provide complete and correct information about the required fields to evade the change of visa refusal.


Failure to meet Health or Character Requirements

visa rejection2 Character Requirements

To get the Australian visa, you must meet the health and character requirements. Few medical examinations and x-rays will be conducted by the specified panel of doctors to check whether the applicant meets the health requirements or not. Medical clearance is essential to get any visa for Australia.

Likewise, meeting the Australian character requirement is also a very important condition to get the visa. You need to get character clearance from the police of your home country. Any police charges or criminal offences will straight lead to your visa rejection.


Failure to meet Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirements

visa rejection5 English Language

One of the most common reasons for rejection of Australian Student Visa is a failure to meet the requirements of Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE). In this statement, you need to specify that the sole purpose of coming to Australia is to get quality education only. You will leave after the completion of the degree and coming to Australia for the duration of the study only. Your visa will be rejected if you fail to justify that you have strong ties with your home country.


Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) statement also requires you to explain the reasons for:

  • Choosing Australia instead of your home country
  • Selecting specific education provider
  • Selecting this particular course of study
  • Any education or employment gap if taken


Failure to provide Evidence of Financial Capacity

visa rejection4 Financial Capacity

Student visa application might be rejected because of your inability to provide evidence of the claims that you have made in your statements. You need to demonstrate your financial stability by providing evidence of the bank statement.


The bank statement must indicate:

  • Availability of sufficient funds to pay the tuition fee for the first year
  • Travel expenses required for coming to Australia and to travel within Australia
  • Cost of living in the area of Australia in which you are going to stay

If you fail to prove the claims of your sufficient financial capacity, your visa will be rejected.


Failure to provide evidence of English Language Ability

visa rejection6 Unrelated Program

You must meet the English language proficiency requirements to get the Australian student visa. Evidence of having the required level of English is also needed to be provided. You need to demonstrate that you have appeared in one of the mandatory tests to get enrolled in your respective course of study. You must get the required score to get the student visa.


Your visa application is incomplete and can be rejected if you fail to provide the supporting documentation of your information and claims.


Top 7 Reasons For Australian Student Visa Refusal In Urdu


Application to Enroll in an Unrelated Program

visa rejection1 1

If you want to study in Australia, you must be fully aware of the course program in which you are applying. Certainly, there is a chance of visa refusal if you apply for a program which is completely unrelated to your previous qualification or indicates a major career change.


You need to make a concrete plan and apply for the degree program according to it.


Is Student Visa Extension Refusal Possible?

Yes, a Student Visa extension application can be refused if you don’t meet the visa requirements. Though, you can’t extend your visa. You’ve to apply for a new visa before your current one gets expired. You must apply for a new visa at least 4 months before the expiration of your current visa. 


Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and provide all documents. They must pay the visa application charges. As Home Affairs will not process your application without a visa fee. If your student visa extension application gets refused, you must leave Australia within 28 days. Or else, you can submit an appeal to the Department of Home Affairs. 


The Inadequacy of Professional Guidance

visa rejection7 Professional Guidance

Rejection of Australian Student Visa is very upsetting for the students who want to study in Australia. It not only leads to the waste of time and resources but also your dreams can be shattered. Hence, it is advisable to take the assistance and guidance from authentic and Registered migration consultants. This will enhance your chance of getting the visa.


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