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Affordable and Authentic Services for Australian Visa.

Authentic Migration Consultant

The Migration is a Registered Australian company working under the law of Australia. Our objective is to provide authentic and affordable visa consultancy services in Australia and Asia. The team of the Migration consists of one of the best qualified and registered MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) consultants.


The Migration respect and follow the guidelines of MARA and do not believe in any foul play.

Services Offered by The Migration

Our team of Registered migration agents in Australia assists you with visa consultancy, education and related information about Australian visas.

Family Visa Australia

Family Visa

Australia welcomes the family members sponsored by Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens to live and work in Australia.

Skilled Migration Visa

Skilled Migration Visa

To meet the shortage of skills in different occupations, Australia invites skilled workers from different countries of the World to live and work in Australia on the General Skilled Migration Program

Student Visa Australia

Study Visa

Australia offers a diverse range of learning opportunities to international students with the third-largest number of international students in the World

Sponsored Visa Australia

Employer Sponsored Visa

Australia allows eligible employers of the country to sponsor and recruit skilled overseas workers to address the shortage of skills in their businesses.

visit Visa Australia

Visit Visa

Australia allows people from different countries of the World to visit Australia as a tourist, to meet their family and friends or for business-related reasons.

Business Visa | Australia

Business Visa

Australia offers growing opportunities to overseas people who have the potential to invest, develop and manage new or existing businesses.

Other Visa

Other Visa

Australia offers several types of other visas to facilitate overseas people such as a protection visa, carer visa, medical treatment visa, dependent child visa and, orphan visa.

Appeal | The Migration

Visa Appeal

Refusal of visa application is appealable and may be reverted through the process of visa appeal. Let us help you in this process with Registered Migration Consultants.

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